Planning Your Kitchen

We have created a simple guide to help you start the process of achieving the kitchen you have envisaged. For further information and to learn how we can help you navigate the obstacles to buying a new handmade kitchen.


Grab your coffee and magazines and start looking at the styles that appeal to you, think about colours, the light you have within your space and what look you want to achieve.

Planning Stage

At this stage it is not essential for you to have your exact measurements, we will do this for you, however it is a good idea to have a idea of the size and layout of your room to give you an indication of what will fit. Think about your appliances, do you love American fridge freezers or hate freestanding range cookers? The kitchen cabinetry has to work around your appliances therefore, it is helpful you have an idea of your appliance wish list when thinking about the kitchen layout.

From a practical perspective how do you want your kitchen to function, what bothers you now with your current kitchen layout and what works really well?

What other features do you want to incorporate? Think about storage, larders offer fantastic storage solutions however, they are tall cabinets which will mean the loss of work surface area. Make a list of your ideas.


Nobody likes talking about money, however budget is an important factor when planning for a new kitchen. Kitchens are generally broken down into 3 main categories; cabinetry, appliances and work surfaces.

Within these categories consider how you want to allocate your money, if your budget is £20,000 for the complete project plan how you will divide your money between the different categories. We will always try to work within your budget to give you the best value for money.

Speak to the Professionals

Now you have started the process get in touch with Blackstone to arrange your first consultation with one of our design team. We have a free design service available, using the latest design 3D CAD software.