The Victorian Kitchen

Over the years we have worked in many properties from the Victorian era, circa 1837-1901. Having worked in these style properties, many aspects from such homes have inspired our range. We have picked out some of the detailing from this period that gives the element of grandeur, however still understated décor.

The Beaded Door

The beading from the Victorian range is a larger bead, with intricate detail. This works in harmony with buildings constructed with high ceilings, as it maintains the proportions within the architecture. Parallel to the beading, the bespoke skirting and cornice help add to the aesthetics of the kitchen furniture. Complementary to these features, opting for granite worktops and nickel handles completes the artistic elements of the range.

Colours Inspired by History

During the Victorian period, the furniture was heavy in details, and the colour scheme was not far off that theme. They decorated in rich, dark colours such as dark blue’s and deep grey – greens. They were largely influenced by the Gothic style, and with this came an ornamental focused décor all around the house, which ties in with the large beading and deep, bespoke skirtings. The Victorians were highly fond of pewter metals along with marble surfaces, most of which were a light hue, to further contrast their dark woods and large intricate detailing.

French Grey Dark 163
French Grey Dark 113
Juniper Ash 115
Juniper Ash 115
Pearl Colour Dark 169
Pearl Colour Dark 169
Dark Lead Colour 118
Dark Lead Colour 118

Hand Finished Furniture

Each kitchen is delivered to you hand finished and ready for installation. We believe that the freedom of choosing your own paint colour for your kitchen allows you to express your personal style without limitations.

The quality and durability of the paint is essential to the longevity of the completed look. We have chosen to work with Little Greene and Mylands paints and lacquers for our hand finished furniture. Their wide range of water based paints are environmentally friendly, durable and available in a wide spectrum of colours.

Blackstone Customers

“Thanks Emily, your support has been excellent and much appreciated. Lisa and I love the kitchen and can not stop singing your praises, if we can help you guys in anyway please let me know.”

Charlie Wright, Fenn Wright Estate Agents