Kitchen Island

Kitchen Islands: A Modern Home Necessity

Kitchen Islands: A Modern Home Necessity

Nowadays, kitchen islands have become a staple for most kitchens on a global scale for homes small and large. Multifunctional and aesthetically pleasing, it is no surprise that these islands have stuck around since the 1950’s. Before the 1950’s kitchens were seen as more of a secretive part of the home instead of the activity center it is today. Kitchens plans shifted from closed and separated, to open and accessible. These busy areas, where food and family often come together, are seen as the “heart of the home”. The boundary between the homeowner and guest is gone and everyone can include anyone!

Blackstone has worked with a variety of Islands, in all shapes, sizes and décor. However, the qualities that our islands must provide are more storage, expand prep space and emphasize an open, welcoming atmosphere. Islands can include luxurious marble, granite, and unique cutting surfaces but the key factor to its design is truly the family that will come together in that space every day.


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