Bold Colour Kitchen

Life In A Singular Colour

Life In A Singular Colour

Every room needs to create a statement, whether it be in the lighting, the furnishings, or a piece of art. It wants to be eye-catching yet not look out of place with its surroundings. This is where our Basalt blue from The Little Greene Paint company comes in. It’s one of our boldest colours and our most popular. So why not paint everything grey or blue?

Having one singular bold colour throughout your kitchen can seem like quite a scary and uncertain move. You only need to consider a few things beforehand. Firstly, the scale of the room, does it have the proportions needed to take the colour? It can be possible to have too much of a good thing. When working with a bold colour neutral shades are just as important, whether it be a crisp white quartz worktop, fresh off-white walls or even light tiles to create a balanced contrast. Metal finishes such as aged brass or chrome can also have the same effect as neutral tones.

Also look at the natural lighting that your kitchen has to offer, darker colours work wonderfully in big open spaces as they change colour as the day passes and create splendour in the place where you entertain. However smaller spaces can quite easily take bold colours too, consider adding light fixtures along the run and lamps around the room to create a cosier feel. We spend most of our evening time in the kitchen when it’s dark outside, so why not concentrate on indoor lighting and create the mood you want, whenever you want.

This kitchen is paired with polished concrete floors, known for their strong durability, and vast design options including texture and patterns. However, the large open space can make it feel cold and stark. The Little Greene’s Basalt blue adds a lot of depth and colour without feeling in your face and keeping the room looking inviting to any guests you may be entertaining.

The joy of having hand painted cabinetry is the luxury of being able to update and modernise it whenever you want. A fresh coat of a bold colour is a lot easier on the purse strings than designing a whole new kitchen.

A singular colour in a kitchen is the chicest way to make a beautiful statement. It offers a touch of daringness with the elegance of having a small colour palette. When decorating the kitchen think about using plants and fresh succulents to give another colour pop, this immediately brightens up a room and freshens the dark colours.