Kitchen Design 1

Spotlight | CAD Design

We would like to present one of our very talented CAD designers, Davia who not only creates fantastic kitchen designs but always makes sure that customer service is at the top of her priorities. After building her skill set throughout the last year she has learnt that no two kitchen designs are ever the same and relishes the challenge given to her.

To start the process, it usually begins with an email or phone call to extract as much information about what you would like as possible. If, however you have no ideas at all she is very happy to create your kitchen from scratch and try to incorporate everything you are looking for within your set budget.

She will then begin to build your kitchen with the accurate room measurements you have supplied and with the appliances wishlist at hand she will start the design. At this stage she will speak with you regarding colour selection from The Blackstone Colour Range.

Once we have the design underway the next stage is creating a more realistic feel to your kitchen by adding accessories which includes lighting, chairs and kitchen appliances to bring the whole image to life. She will also adjust the lighting and camera angles and render them in high quality to send to you. So that you receive everything clearly she will package up all quotations, plans and images into a PDF and send directly to your email for you to look through.

Speak with Davia to make any amendments and once an agreed design is reached a worktop estimate from PWS will be arranged. Plus any sinks, taps handles etc can be discussed.

Lastly if you are happy with the design and quotation Davia will raise a deposit invoice for you to proceed. At this point you get access to the full Blackstone team. Shortly after the Surveyor will contact you to start work on your project.